June 12, 2024

The Shell V-Power Racing Team is proud to unveil its stunning 2024 Indigenous livery, a vibrant and meaningful design that honours and celebrates Australia's rich Indigenous culture. Aligning with the 2024 NAIDOC Theme ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud’ this special livery will debut at the Darwin Triple Crown and remain on both Shell V-Power Mustangs for the Townsville 500, underscoring the team's commitment to promoting cultural diversity and inclusion within motorsport.

Following on from a winning partnership in 2023, the Shell V-Power Racing Team are once again proud to be partnering with Contemporary Indigenous Artist Zoe Raymond from Bunji Enterprises to produce this striking livery. Zoe designed the team’s outstanding 2023 Indigenous Livery, which was voted the ‘Fan Favourite’, and the Shell V-Power Racing Team is on the hunt to make 2024 the third consecutive year of winning this title.

Artist, Zoe Raymond is a proud Yindjibarndi / Pinikura woman; living and working on Turrbal / Jagera country in Brisbane, Queensland. Together Zoe and the Shell V-Power RacingTeam are bringing the theme of NAIDOC week to the racetrack, celebrating Indigenous culture and heritage with each lap.

This year’s artwork features traditional motifs and contemporary elements, creating a visually captivating and culturally significant artwork. The 2024 Shell V-Power Racing Team livery design incorporates two key elements, Zoe explains, “Some of these symbols are at the forefront and stand out strong. These are the achievements and milestones that everyone sees first and foremost. The symbols that are hiding in the background are representative of all the hard work that the Nation doesn’t see. Like our First Nations people, the Shell V-Power Racing Team showcases tenacity, hard work and determination to keep moving forward. That is the time when the fire burns even brighter; the determination to win keeps the team going. Just like the fire that keeps our people going.”

Describing the artwork further Zoe adds, “There is a second design that adorns the side panels. The symbols represent the pitstops made throughout each race. The wavy lines symbolise the smoke that fills up the pit as the drivers speed off in determination with that burning desire to win. We will always be loud and proud, and so will the Shell V-Power Racing Team.”

David Noble, Chief Executive Officer of the Shell V-Power Racing Team, shared, “We’re incredibly proud to reveal our 2024 Indigenous Livery, which will feature on both of our Shell V-Power Mustangs. This marks the second consecutive year we have had the privilege of working with the talented Zoe Raymond from Bunji Enterprises, whose creativity and storytelling continues to educate and inspire us. Our team’s theme for 2024 is 'On the Hunt,' and to achieve that, we must keep our fire burning, symbolising an endless pursuit of excellence through resilience and perseverance.

Our own storytelling is synonymous with the Indigenous people, honouring the legacy of those who have come before us. The 2024 NAIDOC Week theme 'Keep the Fire Burning' is a tribute to the rich culture and heritage of Indigenous Australia, representing our commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the diverse history of our nation. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Zoe and Bunji Enterprises for collaborating with us on this project.”

Zoe Raymond shared her excitement of working on the 2024 Indigenous Livery “I’m so excited to be back working with the Shell V-Power Racing Team. It was such a privilege last year to build those relationships and to be able to continue working on something so great is really exciting for me and somehow, I think we’ve been able to do something even bigger & better this year. As Australians there are a lot of things that bring us together and one of those is sport, particularly motorsport, so being able to bring Indigenous culture into these rounds, I think it gets conversations going, particularly during NAIDOC week and it helps us move forward together as a Nation. So, it’s a privilege to be able to do that.”

Lachlan Pfeiffer, Chief Business Development and Sustainability Officer at Viva Energy (official Shell Licensee in Australia) also shared his remarks, “The Indigenous Round continues to be a wonderful feature of the season, Zoe’s artwork looks fantastic, and we are delighted to continue to support this initiative at Viva Energy. NAIDOC Week’s theme of “Keep the Fire Burning” is an especially relevant theme this year, and we continue to do so with our Indigenous engagement and employment opportunities across our national business, and aspart of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).”  

The Shell V-Power Racing Team's 2024 Indigenous livery will debut on both the No.11 and No.17 Shell V-Power Mustangs at the Darwin Triple Crown taking place at Hidden Valley Raceway from June 14-16.