February 28, 2024

Anton De Pasquale – No. 11 Shell V-Power Racing Ford Mustang GT

  • Qualifying Race 21 –– P5 – (Fastest Time: 01:50:5022s)
  • Qualifying Race 22 –– P6 – (Fastest Time: 01:50:1585s)
  • Race 21 –– P7 (Fastest Time: 01:52:2531s)
  • Race 22 –– P7 (Fastest Time: 01:52:7012s)

Will Davison – No. 17 Shell V-Power Racing Ford Mustang GT

  • Qualifying Race 21 –– P9 – (Fastest Time: 01:50:5605s)
  • Qualifying Race 22 –– P8 – (Fastest Time: 01:50:1656s)
  • Race 21 –– P22 (Fastest Time: 01:52:8068s)
  • Race 22 –– P6 (Fastest Time: 01:52:5022s)

The final day at The Bend SuperSprint saw both Will Davison and Anton De Pasquale qualify in the Top Ten of both sessions. De Pasquale in the No.11 Shell V-Power Mustang started Race 21 in P5 and Race 22 in P6. Davison, in the No.17 Shell V-Power Mustang, started Race 21 in P9 and Race 22 in P8.

Davison finished Race 21 in P22 after a disappointing start that saw him caught up in an incident on Lap 1 Turn 6. De Pasquale moved down the grid 2 places, finishing Race 21 in P7. The completion of Race 22 saw a top-ten finish for both Shell V-Power Mustangs with De Pasquale finishing P6 and Anton finishing P7.


“Sunday at The Bend was a bit better day for us, we sort of floated around the 6,7,8 for most of the day which was a bit of an improvement on yesterday. Just couldn’t get what we needed to move a step forward, so we’ll dive into that and go to the next one. Looking forward to the enduros now!”


“Another big day, we finished on a reasonably good note, still not the results we’re ultimately after but it was great to have both cars in the top ten and the top ten in both qualifyings. I was pretty frustrated to get bumped out in the first lap of the race this morning, through no fault of my own, just giving the team unnecessary work and just a silly, unnecessary move by Le Brocq who took us out. So that was a wasted opportunity there. The last race was a good, solid, clean race. We definitley learnt more about the car, I think we certainly aren’t in the window that we want to be for this type of track, but every time we get to run on tracks like this we understand more and more about where we need to be. As a team we continue to work hard, we had great pit stops and the knowledge we will get out of debriefing this weekend will certainly help us when we come back to a circuit like this.”